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Social media marketers, focus on efficiency: create video ads with great conversion rates with our done for you service! We provide everything you need to create your best video advertisements to start selling more with any mobile ad platform.

Tips and tricks for highly converting ads

If you want to achieve the best ROI for your online advertising campaigns, you need to have a great strategy. Keep an eye on the competition and test what works for you.

Always test multiple images and text

You should always be A/B testing. All target audiences are different and respond to different messages and creatives.

Context matters

Choose where you put your ads

No matter how good your ad is, if it’s seen by an indifferent audience, you won't get the expected results. Use appropriate targeting and retargeting features and optimize your ad placements.

Use efficient call-to-actions

A great call-to-action can make the difference between a visitor and a customer, so don't forget to add a relevant message that attracts customers.


Video can have a big impact on your bottom line. A majority of consumers say that video has influenced their decision to buy. So try video on your site and social channels to boost sales.


Consumers often want to see videos from your business before they click through to your website. A well-placed video can entice your audience to learn more and drive traffic your way.


Social video gets more shares than text and static images combined. It also encourages more views, tags, and comments, which can help you get noticed in a crowded marketplace.

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